Saturday, August 16, 2008

1:10... why not

so i came to oklahoma for a short visit and of course the day before i leave i have to go and drop a couch on my foot... well more like my big toe. if you dont know by now that i am a complete klutz... you might not know me that well although i did avoid an ER visit so thats a plus. i flew with my cousin and her two daughters who are quite adorable but uncapable when it comes to airports (well truth be told the two year old got through security and put all her stuff back in her bag faster than i did) so i am sure it was quite amusing to watch us as sarah pushed the stroller and i hobbled along after. when we finally did get in the air and ready to land in phoenix i began to wonder what was taking so long and after looking out the window determined we were flying... in circles. apparently the weather was too bad for us to land so we flew around for about an hour and a half ran low on gas flew to tuscan to refuel stayed on the ground there for about 2 hours and then finally landed in phoenix. i of course made the best of my time by taking odd pictures, gathering up enough courage to actually use the plane's toilet and...
played a prank on my neighbors son through texting something about las vegas and him being drunk and selling me his motorcylce for $20... :D

as a side note the children behaved better than most adults on the plane and somehow i wasnt surprised

but now im in oklahoma my little brothers have been a blast and i most definitely miss my sister as a roommate.

random thought: i never want to talk about politics again

oklahoma has been great i love being able to look around for miles and miles although i will be glad when i get back to the mountains

also i have decided laid back is the way to be that and kind... i really like it when people are kind to one another
i guess this started out as a story... and then my attention span gave up so there it is for now :)

ps- roomies i miss you and brook CONGRATS on graduating!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

be my mirror my sword my shield...

i'm at one of those waiting points in life which gives maximum opportunity for contemplation and since i have this blog going on why not share some of that thinking

i like being silly people who take life too seriously are kind of ridiculous and i tend to just laugh at them spooning with my roommates until 2 am talking about who knows what is much more fun than sleeping

that having been said, sometimes life is difficult really serious issues arise that must be dealt with and they need to be taken care of in a serious matter i would say this occurs more often than not in my case but... that doesnt mean i cant be lighthearted with the rest of life

the most disappointing thing as of late is thinking i know someone and then finding out they just arent who i thought they were theyre more shallow or selfish or mean somehow but on the flipside theres always those people who surprise me by being better than i thought

i'm at the age where i need to decide what to do with this life or at least what direction i want to go in and i think i am finally getting there i really just want to help people to take the knowledge i have been given and share it with others to better their lives so far my plan is to go on a mission for my church for 18 months, come back and go to nursing school (and maybe be a physician's assistant i havent decided), and then work with humanitarian aid somewhere ive been given so much in this life i want a chance to give back

i love nature the colors shapes and experience of it all my friend matt and i took a drive the other day and due to traffic decided to hang out in the canyon for a little bit it started raining and as a patch of sunlight broke through the clouds and spotlighted the green greys and blue of the mountainside i was amazed at how simplistic beauty can be