no need to hesitate...

lets see if i can update this month...

july 3rd- went to play capture the flag up in the canyon with random people

july 4th- i love the fourth of july this year was no exception the fireworks were fantastic and i love the people i spent it with

july 11th- matt had an awesome birthday party and i sang in front of people... by myself. it was a blast

july 18th- i went to lagoon with mallory and my idaho friends aaron and chans all sunburns aside it was pretty much amazing

july 25th- it was my little brother Adam's 13th birthday gah everyone is getting old!

july 26th- i found the most amazing trench coat ever AND lyndi came down from salt lake city... chalk it up as one of the perfect days of the summer

and yesterday i danced in the rain with my roomie brook once again i love rain... and i am sure she will tell if i dont i totally biffed it into the gutter in front of my house. good times

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