an introduction of sorts..

so here it is... my first blog. and i suppose introductions are in order so a little about me: facts: i've lived in more places than some people have visited. my little brothers are the three most adorable guys i know. my family is totally crazy, especially my parents. i am going to school and have about fifty different career paths i think i would really love. i just moved into a new house and love it... for the most part i am a custodian. its a blast working with my girls lazel and angela and all those crazy guys who think they have big brother rights to pick on me... dreams: i want to help people, really help them i just think its got to be more than going to the elderly center once a week. i am in love with the idea of love... and with a certain person. i want to travel to this 300 mile strip in europe and backpack the whole thing. running a marathon is something i will accomplish

i suppose thats more than an introduction so... thats all for now

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