Wednesday, December 10, 2008

following strangers with saws into the woods....

friday night i got into provo around 10:30p a friend was supposed to stop by and say hi to me but in between her coming over and me getting home i was kidnapped and dragged out to the middle of nowhere to cut down a tree. well... to be a little less dramatic my roommate and i went with some of one of her friends and a bunch of friends he has to cut down a christmas tree. but it wasnt of my free will that i went. anyways while were walking in the woods to cut this tree down i mentioned to my roommate that we were going into the woods with people we dont know at all really who have saws. and it was dark outside. i was glad i had pepper spray on my key chain... until i realized i didnt have it with me. we made it out alive and unscathed... the guys turned out to be pretty chill. but it makes me wonder how often we put ourselves in potentially dangerous situations without even realizing it. and how much we should trust our selves in these situations....

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

the east coast...

i am currently sitting in my brother's house not sleeping for unreasonable reasons
i survived thanksgiving at my dad's and most noteably was hit on by my grandpa. here is how it went down:

we were sitting around the living room waiting for dinner to start and he is like oh well who are you? (this is my stepgrandpa we've met a few times most recently an hour before this occured)
and matt my brother says oh thats my little sister heather. and my stepmom's dad is like oh well arent you a hot little item. ya know if i was your age i would be all about that. matt too bad shes your sister. she is just beautiful. i awkwardly respond thanks... and he says whats the thanks for youre the one with the looks.

i dont think he understands family relations at this point. Lyssa, maybe our grandparents could get together...

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

i love calvin and hobbs
and i am pretty stoked about this weather...
as long as i get to snowboard in it before i head to the rents

Monday, November 3, 2008

bike gangs and other musings of 7-11

my friend kelly and i went to 7/11 for some hot cocoa and while sitting in her car observed the following...

1. most guys should NOT wear plaid jackets with fur coats and ye there seemed to be an abundance of them out tonight

2. its really cute when a bunch of guys have matching bikes and show up together wearing matching clothes and buy the same treat... if theyre ya know under 10 years old... too bad the ones we saw were in their 20s

3. there is that couple (girl with fake blonde hair and tan, guy trying to look almost gangster and calling it stylish) EVERYWHERE

4. there are some really creepy people out there

5. 7/11 hot chocolate is amazing

i know i know... i shouldnt make fun but its so easy

Monday, October 27, 2008

i will be turning my mission papers in on Sunday! finally!
*my week looks like this:
Tuesday- turn in my ballot (i know it has nothing to do with my mission but i'm entirely ready for this election to be OVER)
Wednesday- go get my TB test checked out
Thursday- get my physical signed off
Friday- finish up my dental work
Sunday- meet with my bishop

cuh--- razy!

here goes nothing... hopefully this time next week my call will be in the mail :P

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

funny how things can stay the same and drastically change

we watched anastasia tonight... it was nice to remember i had a childhood and that in a lot of ways im still not close to being a grown up. i don't have to be fully responsible. no matter how ridiculous some people think that makes me. i sleep in sometimes and take longer lunches than i should. i get attached when i know that things are about to change and i still dance around in my underwear to some of my favorite songs. i get jealous, forgive pretty easy, and take naps. i stay up late being ridiculous when sleep would be so much more reasonable. i have pets that i talk to and once in awhile i read until all hours of the morning. i get really scared. i have tons of energy. i make up silly songs and yell when im frustrated. i eat oreos for breakfast and ice cream for dinner. i like to play dress up and run around with the boys. i talk in silly voices and laugh when someone burps.... yeah sometimes the whole grown up thing? completely overrated

Sunday, October 12, 2008

the phat farm...

so me and my roomies have some pretty crazy times... and since i make lists here are the first 10 that come to mind

10. eat banana bread with chocolate chips in it

9. watch movies P**** (name has been edited for fear of being deported) illegally downloads

8. art and crafts time (even if it is forced upon Petra)

7. bellydance workouts (ok so this was once but for the epic event it became it deserves to be on
the list)

6. watch daytime tv, what beats maury and divorce court in between classes/work...

5. drink hot chocolate

4. kill heather's pets (i dont really participate, just mourn) may Bob RIP

3. pay rent late to protest horrible living conditions

2. dance parties in the living room

1. call each other names 'SLAPKA (pronounced scholpkah)!!

Friday, October 10, 2008

wisdom in teeth and cherries in ice cream

i got my wisdom teeth pulled yesterday... so is that supposed to make me more or less wise?

either way im going skydiving in november


Wednesday, October 8, 2008

soooo.... midsemester
i have 19 days until i can turn my papers in
i said goodbye (for now) to a best friend today
i dont like it when people bash on how horrible guys are, for the most part they are great
classical music is my new vice... and im enjoying it thoroughly
i am snuggling with a tshirt in hopes the smell doesnt leave
let's go dancing in the rain
my roomies are as follows heartbreaker, communist, and hot italian
babies are adorable, even when they cry
politics are better on the comedy channel
and.... life is bittersweet these days

Monday, September 22, 2008

learning to fall...

a lot has happened since i last updated my blog...
over the past month ive had to relearn how to live life, i know it sounds funny but its true. since matt and mark moved my life has changed and while i cant say things are better or worse i am dealing with the situation much better than similar ones in the past. and i am having a blast while doing it. vauge i know... the thing is overall i am a happier person and its because of the people i have surrounded myself with and the things i have deemed important in my life. oh and its a lot easier to have fun these days :)
we had our second annual snowball fight, which included jumping in the fountain at a park in orem, it went well :P pictures will come soon
we went ice blocking for the first time, i have never gotten so bruised and enjoyed it so well
and i really enjoy work and as odd as that seems, seeing i work at byu as a crew leader for custodial its true. i am once again looking for a second job.... but not so hard :/ ill work on that

overall this whole learning to fall thing... has suprisingly been a great time

I'm learning to fall
I can't hardly breathe
When I'm going down don't worry about me
Don't try this at home
You said you don't see
I don't want to know that you know,
it should have been me

Saturday, September 6, 2008


today was really long
this week has been really long and i would be glad that its over except that only means next week is starting. i have two jobs and im not used to working all the time yet. im still in that waiting phase in life and im getting sick of it! and today an unpleasant surprise from the past showed up.... one that i would prefer didnt know where i live but now does. blugh but on a more positive note i love my roomies (but we miss you brooky) my car is fixed , and just in time, i finally had time to do laundry and while im not allowed to discuss the details there was only one naked person at work today. definite improvement :-)
oh and college football?!
i love autumn

Saturday, August 16, 2008

1:10... why not

so i came to oklahoma for a short visit and of course the day before i leave i have to go and drop a couch on my foot... well more like my big toe. if you dont know by now that i am a complete klutz... you might not know me that well although i did avoid an ER visit so thats a plus. i flew with my cousin and her two daughters who are quite adorable but uncapable when it comes to airports (well truth be told the two year old got through security and put all her stuff back in her bag faster than i did) so i am sure it was quite amusing to watch us as sarah pushed the stroller and i hobbled along after. when we finally did get in the air and ready to land in phoenix i began to wonder what was taking so long and after looking out the window determined we were flying... in circles. apparently the weather was too bad for us to land so we flew around for about an hour and a half ran low on gas flew to tuscan to refuel stayed on the ground there for about 2 hours and then finally landed in phoenix. i of course made the best of my time by taking odd pictures, gathering up enough courage to actually use the plane's toilet and...
played a prank on my neighbors son through texting something about las vegas and him being drunk and selling me his motorcylce for $20... :D

as a side note the children behaved better than most adults on the plane and somehow i wasnt surprised

but now im in oklahoma my little brothers have been a blast and i most definitely miss my sister as a roommate.

random thought: i never want to talk about politics again

oklahoma has been great i love being able to look around for miles and miles although i will be glad when i get back to the mountains

also i have decided laid back is the way to be that and kind... i really like it when people are kind to one another
i guess this started out as a story... and then my attention span gave up so there it is for now :)

ps- roomies i miss you and brook CONGRATS on graduating!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

be my mirror my sword my shield...

i'm at one of those waiting points in life which gives maximum opportunity for contemplation and since i have this blog going on why not share some of that thinking

i like being silly people who take life too seriously are kind of ridiculous and i tend to just laugh at them spooning with my roommates until 2 am talking about who knows what is much more fun than sleeping

that having been said, sometimes life is difficult really serious issues arise that must be dealt with and they need to be taken care of in a serious matter i would say this occurs more often than not in my case but... that doesnt mean i cant be lighthearted with the rest of life

the most disappointing thing as of late is thinking i know someone and then finding out they just arent who i thought they were theyre more shallow or selfish or mean somehow but on the flipside theres always those people who surprise me by being better than i thought

i'm at the age where i need to decide what to do with this life or at least what direction i want to go in and i think i am finally getting there i really just want to help people to take the knowledge i have been given and share it with others to better their lives so far my plan is to go on a mission for my church for 18 months, come back and go to nursing school (and maybe be a physician's assistant i havent decided), and then work with humanitarian aid somewhere ive been given so much in this life i want a chance to give back

i love nature the colors shapes and experience of it all my friend matt and i took a drive the other day and due to traffic decided to hang out in the canyon for a little bit it started raining and as a patch of sunlight broke through the clouds and spotlighted the green greys and blue of the mountainside i was amazed at how simplistic beauty can be

Monday, July 28, 2008

no need to hesitate...

lets see if i can update this month...

july 3rd- went to play capture the flag up in the canyon with random people

july 4th- i love the fourth of july this year was no exception the fireworks were fantastic and i love the people i spent it with

july 11th- matt had an awesome birthday party and i sang in front of people... by myself. it was a blast

july 18th- i went to lagoon with mallory and my idaho friends aaron and chans all sunburns aside it was pretty much amazing

july 25th- it was my little brother Adam's 13th birthday gah everyone is getting old!

july 26th- i found the most amazing trench coat ever AND lyndi came down from salt lake city... chalk it up as one of the perfect days of the summer

and yesterday i danced in the rain with my roomie brook once again i love rain... and i am sure she will tell if i dont i totally biffed it into the gutter in front of my house. good times

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

its been awhile, mostly because i lost the internet card for my laptop and otherwise because this summer has been crazy fun and hectic all at the same time i was promoted at work whoot whoot! so now i am a crew leader* ive been to numerous concerts my favorite being death cab for cutie, we had a lord of the rings marathon and now i can say i have seen the series, i have consumed more otter pops than any one human should, slumber parties are now a renewed past time, and of course there have been countless hours spent by the pool

oh and i wrote a song, and performed it in front of a live audience, i can now cross that one off my list of things to do i suppose

i love provo

even more so in the summer

*crew leader: a lot more work for a small increase in income, but an increase nonetheless

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

two in a row...

this blog thing.. completely addictive *here's to my second day in a row. it rained today and as much as i detest being soaking wet and cold i really did love walking in the rain... ahh :) which has inspired a list of things i enjoy doing... while in the rain

1.running- if i can have my ipod on full blast, running shoes and some raindrops it does wonders
2. singing- i like to sing... a lot... to pretty much anything. in the rain just makes it more fun
3. dancing- rain boots and shorts
4. reading- under an umbrella is best
5. kissing- oh baby! :P
6. walking
7. concerts- how could i almost forget?!

. so there it is and i am sure that i left out a few, the order completely random. as for the rest of the day i was quite proud of my will power, not so much of my frizzy hair

-i'm on fire and now i think i'm ready to bust a move... no?... okay..

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

an introduction of sorts..

so here it is... my first blog. and i suppose introductions are in order so a little about me: facts: i've lived in more places than some people have visited. my little brothers are the three most adorable guys i know. my family is totally crazy, especially my parents. i am going to school and have about fifty different career paths i think i would really love. i just moved into a new house and love it... for the most part i am a custodian. its a blast working with my girls lazel and angela and all those crazy guys who think they have big brother rights to pick on me... dreams: i want to help people, really help them i just think its got to be more than going to the elderly center once a week. i am in love with the idea of love... and with a certain person. i want to travel to this 300 mile strip in europe and backpack the whole thing. running a marathon is something i will accomplish

i suppose thats more than an introduction so... thats all for now