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Superhero Race

Roland found a flyer for a superhero race at the doctor's office this summer. He asked if it was for a running race (he can recognize some words but not really read yet) and I said yes. He asked me if I remember when I used to run races and I said yes. He asked me if we could run the superhero race as a family and I said probably.
As we loaded into the car, I shoved the flyer into the diaper bag not giving it a second thought. But as soon as we got home Roland asked if he could have his flyer. He carried that thing around for the day and then asked if we could hang it on the fridge. And then every time he saw the flyer he asked when we were going to do the race. I signed our family up, fully expecting a disaster of a time. But these kids of ours are awesome. I love running/ walking with my family and hope we can make it at least an annual tradition.

Roland pushed the stroller for at least a quarter mile. Towards the end of the race he was exhausted, and kept falling over. I debat…

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