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Three Seems to be Our Number

Fierce loyalty
 Before we got married our relationship was questioned by many people, ourselves included. We asked if this was really love, or just leftover nostalgia from our freshman memories. We asked if it was worth it. We asked ourselves and each other enough questions that the outside ones seemed negligible. We wanted to make sure.

During our third year of marriage, after my third miscarriage, we were struggling with the reality of our reality not being what we had imagined. And I came across this quote about what a good marriage consists of. It didn't delineate something perfect or unreachable. It doesn't demand a certain level of social status, or family size.  It was simple, concise, and easy to remember.

"A good marriage consists of fierce loyalty, respect and love."
And if one of those things does not exist, then the other two really don't either. But, if all three do then you have a pretty great marriage.

And I know that life is more com…

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